Many agents who work in call center find they end up
feeling tired, out of shape, and some even put on
weight. The affects of this can be detrimental to you
and may cost the company money later if you aren?t
able to keep yourself healthy.

There are a few suggestions for ensuring good health
and fitness if you are at your desk all day;

1. If you are at a desk for more than 4 hours, you
need to at least get up and stretch your legs. Even in
between your breaks, you can stand at your station and
stretch your stiff muscles. Keeping the muscles strong
will help in keeping your posture good at the station

2. Some call centers offer a fitness center or a
membership discount to a local fitness club. If they
don?t it may be something you could suggest. While
they consider this though, finding an activity that
keeps you active minimum of 30 minutes, 3-5 times a

3. Eat and drink well. Sitting at your station and
drinking soda all the time isn?t a good health choice.
If your call center allows snacking, keep your snacks
healthy; don?t eat the junk in the candy machines.
Make sure you are packing healthy break and lunch
foods too.

4. Drink your water! It may make you need to potty
more, but, keeping your body well hydrated with water,
not coffee or soda, will clean out the toxins your
body wouldn?t other be able to get rid of.

Ensure you see your medical professionals regularly.
Don?t leave anything to chance. You can tell if you
aren?t feeling "well" or not. If you have a job where
you sit all day, it?s up to you to ensure you balance
that with the right activity and nutrition.