Constraints barricade many leaders in public relations
from taking full control of a given law. In fact, most
of the people enacted into office are voted in by the

Because of so many constraints, limits, et cetera,
public relations is deteriorating amid government
officials, citizens, and leaders. People are starting
to distrust the government, which is putting a major
dent in public relations.

Because of the distrust caused from actions of the
government, our country is in jeopardy. It undercuts
the practicality of the democratic progressions.

In order to correct, the problem democracy must be
accepted. Scandals and falters in the system have
caused major concerns as well. Worse, resentment has
built up since the seventies and eighties, which
linked to the spending power held by official

The Bush Administration is one of the public relations
system that has lead our country into total despair,
whereas scores of people feel that this legislative
body is leading us in to total cataclysm.

Because of the rejections of the public, it is
difficult to bring in solutions unless the democracy
system is reinstated.

Another problem is brought into focus, which is amid
the media and politics. Part of this cluster was
controlled by Ronald Reagan who challenged the media
and, lucratively, addressed, and controlled authority,
costs, and the size of governments in office as well
as the fascination of television and media who focused
on miscarry, worst swindles in office, failures, et
cetera caused by the government.