Summer is coming again and you know you want to do
something ?different? but just what is that you are
looking for?

One of the fastest growing vacations is the kind where
you learn to do something totally out of your normal,
everyday life. Perhaps you would like to try

These courses are offered in most areas but why not
learn it in some exotic far-flung place and have a
great adventure at the same time? Places are far apart
as Zanzibar or Turkey, Kenya or Israel and the like.

Maybe you are not into the ?watery? sports, so what
about belly-dancing or rock-climbing? Again, all on
offer near you whether it?s in the local community
college or at the mall.

More exciting though when, for example, some dusky
eyed maiden is swiveling her hips for you in some
balmy Mediterranean hotspot.

If the more active holiday is not for you – try out a
cookery course. Think of the shock on your friends or
family?s faces when you invite them to that gourmet
meal that wasn?t delivered by the local eatery. Or
display that water-color you produced yourself on the
shores of the Indian Ocean.

That is not to say that you can?t have that ?lying in
a hammock with cold drink and a good book? kind of
vacation but there is nothing more rewarding than
mastering a new art.

It may be time to impress your friends, and yourself,
with that latent talent you never knew you had!