There is nothing that beats the beautiful fragrance of
the lilac! Do you want to be able to grow lilacs like
your grandmother did? Here are some good gardening
tips that will be able to help you grow these
beautifully scented flowers:

Lilacs are shrubs that grow best in areas of the
United States where winter freezes take place. Doesn?t
that seem odd? Yes, but in areas that do not
experience the winter freeze, the lilac may fail to

If you want to grow lilacs and live in a very warm
climate, check with you nursery for varieties that are
suited especially for warm climates.

Lilacs will do best if they are planted where they can
receive about six hours of full sun. The best planting
times for lilacs would be in late April, early May,
later in September and even into October.

Lilacs like slightly alkaline soil, and they also need
to have good drainage.

You have to be careful to space lilacs about ten feet
apart as most of them grow into large bushes. You
should try to mulch lilacs with about three inches of
bark or wood chips.

You will not only be able to conserve water, but you
may prevent trimmer and lawn mower damage. Lilacs
should be fertilized in the early spring and right
after they have finished flowering.

When the lilac has finished blooming, it is time for
it to be pruned. Take away about 188 of the stems.
Make sure to prune off any dying or dead limbs.