Roses are considered to be the representation of love.
From time immemorial, roses have adorned the likes of
kings and queens. Even for the commoner, the rose was
the moment when he transcended his commonness to
aspire for the higher plains.

So, the demand for roses has always been good. Rose
gardening thus has been in vogue throughout the
history of the civilized world. To get a good harvest
of roses, you have to look after the garden at all
times of the year.

Fungal infection is very common for every breed of
rose. In summer, fungus usually appears on the rose
petals and black spots also seem to appear on the
flowers. Insects like red spiders are the main
troublemakers as well.

Normal utilization of chemicals controls the majority
of these infections as well as of the sucking and
chewing insects. But some insects are also beneficial
to your roses.

You can prevent your roses from any type of insects
through a lime-sulphur spray in early spring followed
by a regular regimen of fungicide every 10 days
beginning in mid spring. Remove all the infected
stems, leaves, or canes and discard them. You have to
continue this program until the rust is gone.

In a word, your roses should be fertilized regularly.
If you have planted your roses right now, you can
begin fertilization after the first time it blooms.
Otherwise, while your roses are blooming, they can be
fertilized every two or three weeks. It is also good
to remember that chicken manure is great for roses.