Gardening is an art. And of all the flowers that bloom
in the whole wide world, the rose is the most
celebrated. The rose is a beautiful flower and
naturally you have to maintain it properly. There are
a few steps for planting a rose and they are as

The best time for planting rose beds is in the spring.
You can plant them in early spring or mid spring
according to your convenience. But one thing you
should remember that if you plant it in mid spring
then you have to be careful that all the frost has

Warm climate is necessary for this activity. Choose a
spot carefully because roses require proper sunlight
(at least 6 hrs.) to bloom nicely. Roses also like
soil which is drained properly, however, water is also
necessary for blooming roses. If you don't water
deeply enough then the roots will become shallow.

To encourage big and beautiful blooms fertilizers are
also necessary. You have to fertilize the plant once
every six weeks. To avoid any type of fungal diseases
and infections, spray a mix of dish soap and baking

Lastly, exercise extreme precaution. Roses cannot
adjust to extreme temperatures. If you are a gardener
from a warm climate, then plant your roses where they
will receive the morning sunlight.

In cold countries, roses must get exposure to the high
noon sun. To reiterate, an important thing you should
keep in mind is that roses do not like extremes of
heat and cold.