Make A Style Statement With Your Golf Cart

A golf cart is as precious to a serious golfer as a
car or a cell phone or any other gadget is to other
men. Initially, when people buy a golf cart, it?s
usually pretty basic, without too many frills and

However, they keep upgrading it and adding
customizations and individualizing it so that it
becomes more a personal style statement than a mere
golf accessory.

People fortunate enough to own their personal golf
cart usually begin by upgrading the seats. Not only
can you make the seats plush and comfortable by
embellishing them with high density foam, you can top
it off with faux or genuine leather upholstery.

Style the wheel rims, the bumper, and even the
steering wheel. Flashy golf carts sport a ?theme? or a
?look?. You might see dark varnished wood all over the
cart or even a shiny chrome finish that sparkles when
it catches the sun rays.

Work out a theme according to your budget and your
personal preferences. But beware of going overboard,
you don?t want screech your style statement, do you?

Don?t know where to begin? Inquire at your local car
repair shops if they might be willing to work on your
golf cart body. A low-cost quickie to get you started
can consist of a ready-made body kit or a simple paint

Check out online sites and research on Google for more
ideas. If you feel like splurging, hire a pro who can
add a professional touch to your style statement.

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