So what exactly is a reasonable salary? That depends on the company and their budget. A trained customer service rep (one with experience of at least two or more years) should probably be offered a higher starting salary than someone who enters with little or no experience.

The lower end of the scale for a customer service rep is around $8.00 per hour. This may be acceptable for someone who has never worked in the field before, has no college education, but appears to be willing to learn the job. If this is around what your company can reasonably afford to pay, then you will have to hire those who need to be trained. Keep in mind that this too requires time and money on the company?s part.

However, the higher end of the scale for a customer service rep is around $12.00. While paying this amount may seem like a lot, remember that this is the high number. It?s acceptable to start the pay of an individual who has experience at $10.00 per hour. This all depends on the candidate?s experience and background information, such as education and/or work history.

When you have decided on an amount to offer the candidate, be sure to verbally explain it to the candidate. Once you offer that amount, clearly state why they are being offered that amount (experience, education, standard starting salary, etc.) and explain the guidelines for a future advancement and pay raise. This will inform the candidate of your expectations as a company and helps set goals for the new employee.

Allow the candidate to ask questions and answer them freely ? remember when you were in their shoes, you probably had the exact same questions or concerns. Afterwards, present the candidate with an official written offer. This can be done by mail or in person, but is typically handled better in a face-to-face environment. This offer should explain in detail the job requirements, conditions, pay rate, and information regarding any insurance plans or additional incentives offered by the company.

Ask the candidate to sign the offer and return it to you, and give a copy to the candidate. Keeping a signed document on file is always a smart idea in case there any future misunderstandings.

Once your candidate has been chosen and has been presented with a salary that both parties agree on, it?s time to welcome your new employee to the company. You will need to train them and turn them into a good customer service representative.