If you currently have an online business or are looking to build one that provides services or products, one of the best ways to do this and maximize your time and efficiency is to outsource as much of the work as possible.

So what exactly is Outsourcing?

Simply put, it is the method of leveraging your promotions and ideas while you pay others to do the parts and pieces for a fee.

Take for example setting up a product sales funnel. What all is included in creating one?

  1. You need a product
  2. You will need graphics
  3. You will need some copy written
  4. You also need your funnel created which includes the Squeeze page, the prelaunch page, the JV – Affiliate signup page, the actual sales page and finally the thank you page.
  5. Add to that your email promotion series for your autoresponders
  6. Your promo package for your JV partners and Affiliates and a way to manage all of the sales.

That is a huge task for one or two people! It could take you a couple weeks or maybe even months to get your first package together if you did it all yourself!

That is where “Outsourcing” comes into the picture. You simply find people that you can trust to do a good job and are experienced in doing what you need done and offer to pay them for the individual tasks you need done. If you don’t know a good graphic person, there are websites out there like www.fiverr.com or www.turbo7.com where you can get people to do small portions of your project for you without spending a ton of cash to get it done.

So all you need to do is break your entire project into smaller tasks and assign those tasks to people that are good at doing them. By doing things this way, you are leveraging their professional services to your benefit!

That still leaves one minor detail though. How are you going to keep track of everyone and what they are doing? I mean if you look at the bullet list above, there are 6 main points (and each of these can be broken down into smaller tasks to get things done fast!) so say you break each bullet point into three tasks on average (some may have more, some less) that would be 18 tasks and 18 people to try and keep track of,  followup with, send and receive files to via email, and finally, when they have completed their task, get them paid!

Now it looks like your outsourcing has just become a full time J.O.B. – Not what you envisioned when you decided to open your own online business, is it?

Well I want to let you in on a secret that I have been using for the past six months and I have to tell you, it has made handling all the tasks, people, files, payments, and even repeat projects (once you find one that works, you want to repeat it don’t you? Maybe a new topic or software package, but if it sold well one time, odds are another item along the same line will sell good too!

OK, I guess I have strung you along long enough about what my secret is, time to give you the link so you can find out for yourself! The product is called OutVeo, and the latest release (as of this post) is 2.0.6. I have to tell you, it has made my product development much easier, I can create a task template so instead of needing to write out all the steps needed to complete a task, all I need to do is change the topic, the color scheme for the graphics, minor edits that might take me all of ten minutes and click the Assign button to let my outsourced contractor know they have a new assignment! When they are done, they upload the file(s), I check them out to make sure they are what I expected, and of so, click the Pay Now button to send them their money!