One of the most commonly used golf swing is the back
swing. This is the position tow, which the player will
shift his weight to the right foot.

At the same time, the player will tilt his shoulders
so that they are vertical in order to point his left
shoulder down. The right shoulder is pointing up.

The club at the left end is pointing so that it is at
the rear of the ball position. When the player shifts
his weight, he releases so that he moves to the
"instep" of the left foot. This puts the player
"behind the ball."

The players head moves toward the right, rather than
back. The right hip, foot, and the player?s head are
in the vertical line so that if he drew a line up from
the golf ball, he would be at the rear of the ball.

Position 3 is the impact. The player will start by
using his hips and then shifting his weight to the
left foot. The foot is lead with the player?s hip so
that it is laterally in motion slightly.

In this position, the player has the end of the club
in his right elbow and down so that it meets with the
right foot. Almost all of the player?s weight is
supported by the left foot.

Online you will find various articles on golf swing,
position and more. Look for the position four, which
is the follow through, post impact that helps you to
create a good golf swing.