Before allowing your new Customer Service Representative to interact with your customers,
your new employee must be trained well enough to work on their own. One of the most important things you will want to make sureof is that the new employee works well under pressure.

At some point, a customer service representative will deal with an angry and belligerent customer. Some customers can?t be pleased regardless of the efforts made by a customer service representative. The new employee should understand that this will happen at times, but they must remain respectful and try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. While the customer isn?t always right, the customer service representative should respond to the customer as if they are. Professionalism is the key to maintaining a good customer base within a company.

Provide the new employee with possible scenarios presented by customers using the most common issues such as billing questions, product information and actual customer complaints. Take note of how the new employee responds and provide them feedback for their reactions. If they handled the situation well, commend them for it. If they could use improvement, be sure to advise them on how they could do better. Provide criticism in a constructive (not demeaning) manner. The goal is to make sure the new customer service representative can handle the job on their own, not to run them off.

How long the training period lasts depends on the company, but a customer service representative should be fully trained and dealing with customers on their own in between two and six weeks. If after that time period the new employee is still exhibiting problems or doesn?t seem to work well under customer pressure, then the employee should be offered some type of remedial training. If this fails, then it?s a good indication that the employee is not cut out to handle the pressures of customer service. In this instance, you may have to let the employee go. However, this rarely happens if a good training program is set in place.

All too often, good employees are lost due to poor treatment on the company?s part. Just as the customers are important for company growth, good customer service representatives are the key for maintaining a good customer base. Employee retention plays an important role in a company?s success as the continual hiring and training of new employees can be very expensive.