In the first flush of pregnancy, many would-be moms
quickly buy their pregnancy clothes and then regret it
at leisure. Most first timers are unaware that while
their body undergoes many changes, their lifestyle
also changes.

And with it, their shopping habits must also
compulsorily change. Consider this scenario – when you
were a gangly teen, nothing fit well.

In your twenties, everything was absolutely a perfect
fit. You were small size then, now with a huge belly,
you must buy extra large clothes. Doesn?t your ego
take a beating?

That aside, there was a time when you could just look
at a top and you might know it will fit you. When you
are pregnant, avoid such snappy purchases. Try on the
clothes. Wear them for as long as you can. Even if
something feels slightly itchy or tight, lose those
clothes immediately.

Your skin becomes twice as sensitive and if you wear
those clothes for a longer period of time then a small
itch might become an ugly rash and a fitting top might
just squeeze the breath out of you. So don?t ever
think of buying a pregnancy dress without trying it on

Big is good, bigger is best. Aim to buy a size that?s
at least a couple of sizes bigger than you are
currently. Just accept the fact that you will grow and
grow and your clothes also have to keep up with your
increasing dimensions.

So change your shopping habits temporarily when buying
your pregnancy dresses.