With all those hormones raging in your body, you will
notice that your core body temperature keeps
fluctuating during pregnancy. You need to wear
maternity clothes that allow your body to be
comfortable during hot flashes and even while you are
feeling cold. In other words, you must wear pregnancy
dresses that allow your skin to breathe.

Therefore, common sense dictates that your pregnancy
dresses should be made from natural fiber. Put away
all your synthetics, poly-fibers, lycra, etc in cold
storage for at least a couple of years.

Instead opt for fibers like denim, which look
fashionable and yet are a sensible choice for all your
pregnancy dresses. Denim is a fabric that allows you
to be cool in summer and warm during the winter

It also allows you to regulate your body temperature
during hot flashes so that all the perspiration dries
up naturally. Other synthetic dresses don?t allow air
to pass through the fabric so sweat remains
uncomfortably lodged on the skin.

Denim is also a material that allows you plenty of
choice in terms of style and cut. You can opt for
pregnancy jeans which have special elastic that can
accommodate your ever increasing waist size during the
advanced months of pregnancy.

Denim culottes or a pair of well-cut denim trousers
will help also hide the pregnancy bulges. A
smartly-cut denim jacket also provides a slim and trim
look to your pregnancy silhouette. So do consider
denim as a key fabric in your pregnancy wardrobe.