Online businesses are just as responsible for conducting business in an ethical manner as their brick and mortar counterparts. You want to build a reputation for having such a business, but how do you convince first-time buyers and potential buyers to take a chance at your site? Implementing the following ethical practices at your site will help you to obtain and retain loyal, revenue generating customers.

Promise Only What You Can Deliver

While a dynamic, well-written sales page and captivating web content is crucial to your online success, don’t go overboard and promise something you aren’t really delivering. While you may have the absolute best Internet Marketing informational package in cyberspace, you can’t guarantee someone will make $3000 a day if they only follow your advice or program.

Word of mouth travels even faster on the Internet than in does in the physical world, and you want positive word of mouth to promote your products even further; however, without a solid ethical foundation, negative feedback and word of mouth will close your doors faster than you can. Keep your promises if you want to keep your customers.

Stand Behind Your Product or Service

While Internet business is big business, customers are often skeptical about purchasing from an unknown site. Research shows customers are more likely to make online purchases when promised a money back guarantee. Make it easy for your customers to open their PayPal wallets by assuring them they can get a refund if they’re not satisfied with your product or service. Outline your guarantee in clear and concise terms. Don’t promise a money back guarantee and then tell customers it was only for a week when that information wasn’t displayed prominently on the site.

If you are going to have a set period in which customers can ask for a refund, make that clear in the verbiage of your guarantee policy. If your policy states, “No questions asked,” then don’t hound customers who request a refund. Keep your promises, stand behind your products or services and you’ll be on your way to earning a reputation as a reputable online business presence.

Follow up with Customer Complaints or Questions in a Timely Manner

Make sure, first of all, that your customers and potential customers can contact you with questions or concerns. If the only point of contact you offer is an order button, you’re likely to lose sales to those who may have a question. Once you do receive questions or concerns in your inbox, respond to them in a timely manner. Service after the sale is just as important as making the sale in order to keep customers coming back.

Suppose your product is an ebook and after the sale, the customer has a question about something they didn’t understand in the book. Failing to respond may result in the loss of future business from this customer, while responding in a timely manner and cheerfully answering any questions or concerns will likely win you a loyal, revenue generating customer who will share this positive experience with others.

Realizing the important of preserving ethics in your online business is an important step on the ladder of success. By offering a quality product or service in the first place, keeping your promises, standing behind your product or service, and following up with customer questions and concerns, you’ll earn a reputation that will keep your online doors open for business.