There are probably thousands of WordPress themes which can be suitable for any kind of hobby or even business. Using blogs for businesses has proven to be effective especially in attracting more customers and increasing sales and profits.

The theme serves as the ambiance of your blog and will help customers get the “feel” of your products or services being offered. If you have sufficient budget, then you can hire a web designer to handle your blog layout. For those who have limited budget, then having a blog in WordPress and taking advantage of their themes is one of the best option.

Although, there are numerous options for WordPress themes not everything may work for you. There are some themes which may not look appropriate for your business. Be prepared in spending time in searching, browsing and trying out numerous demos before you com across the right theme.

These must-have professional themes can either be for free or available for minimum price. Free themes can be very appealing since you don’t have to spend anything, however, you need to consider that these free themes cannot be customized. Premium must have themes are better designed and can be customized based on what you want or need to have in your blog.

When choosing a WordPress theme for your business’s blog, you have to make sure that it easy to navigate and its layout is functional.

Here are some of the very professional WordPress themes you can apply to your blog, both for free and available for a moderate fee.

  •  Vibrant CMS. Blog owners can choose from the 20 color schemes. The resolution and the design of the website is very modern and is very appropriate for small business.
  •  Revolution Pro Business. This theme is also very professional looking. Its dark theme makes the blog look very corporate and stylish.
  •  Notepad. If you want a very simple theme, then this is the theme for you. There are 13 color combinations to choose from and can be used by both big and small businesses.
  •  PocketIt. Another simple but efficient design or theme for your blog. It is easy to navigate.
  •  Ecommerce. If you want to have an online store on your blog, then you can use this theme which allows you to manage your own WordPress powered online shop.
  •  WP Coda. Another interesting theme which is very useful for bloggers/business owners who would like to showcase numerous services or products.
  •  WP Polaroid. A free theme which allows you to display information about the business and news and updates about products and services.
  •  Wynton Magazine. If you want to have a magazine-style theme for your business, then this can be an option for you. This theme will allow you to display thumbnail sized images on the homepage.

These are just some of the must-have themes for your business’s blog. However, keep in mind that themes that other bloggers find effective may not be the best for your business. You just have to keep on digging for better layout and color schemes which will suit the products and services you are selling.