Public Relation Limits

The public relations at the local levels are
exemplified, set apart from fragile, atypical
executives. Because of the undermining that takes
place in public relations the rules and regulations
suffer under development.

Local leaders must adhere to limits. This means that
85% of the country?s mayors work on a part time basis.
Most of the mayors are elected by the people, yet 23%
are not. Municipal councils usually elect these
mayors. The mayors have more independence when
municipals elect them into office.

Most governors stay in office less than four years.
Some of the mayors stay in office for 12 months, while
others stay in office for two years. Around 20% of
these mayors can vote in municipal appointees and only
13% are officially allowed to control the budgets.

Some mayors have less control. As mayors, these men
and women are public relation officers that serve the
people. With so many limits, it has created problems.

Many people bite mayors for their insufficient
abilities to control the communities, yet if these
people recognized the limits outlined in the Article
of Confederation and Constitutions, thus they would
give the mayors a little more room to breathe.

Veto laws passed by state councils of official body
control mayors, which have no authority and these
mayors make up 72%. Some areas chief executives are
lack the authority they need to take any given amount
of control in public relations.

The next time you shoot rockets at your mayor,
consider that these people have less control than most
individuals, realize.

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