Public relations concern all the people. Public
relations are part of our bureaucracy system. It is
the backbone of our heritage and has been for over
19,000 years.

The relations comprise of rules and regulations,
official procedures, formalities, and plenty of
paperwork. It also comprises of organization, civil
service, and establishes our place in the community.

Bureaucracy is the starting of our religion, politics,
civilization, and is essential to human society. While
not every entity agrees to the rules and regulations,
it forms into two sections.

Distortion is the first form. The good officials in
public relations and bureaucracy mark the second form,
which are our best solutions in the relations to the

One of the largest assistant programs is the United
Nations Development, which has the best public
relations, since it centers on protecting our system
against poverty.

Despite that the government is looked down on by many
people, it continues to deliver favorable services to
the communities. Validity however limits these public
relation entities.

One must understand that there are vital differences
in the creating and benefits in public relations. Only
our administration can create the benefits delivered
to society.

One of the most essential benefits is the continuation
"of human life." The accountability of human survival
falls on our governments? shoulders. When our
administration system fails to defend the people, it
reasserts by evasion.

The government must take action to restore good public
relations. Public relations then are a structured
system that protects the people.