If you are itching to do something different this
summer vacation, why not consider a ?once in a
lifetime? holiday to England?n

Historical sites are in abundance, with several of the
Queen?s residences in easy reach of central London.
Most have sections open to the public and offer a
unique insight into the history of her ancestors.

Art galleries, theaters offering the latest and best
stage shows, nightclubs, casinos, London has
everything including the ?London Eye? – a huge wheel
housing bullet shaped carriages for twenty or so
people to view the London skyline both by day and
night. These are even rented out for cocktail parties
and weddings!

London also boasts one of the best local transport
systems in the world and it is very easy to ?pop-up?
all over London in a relatively short time by using
the underground railway. It?s a great way to avoid the
traffic jams also!

But England is more than just London. Take a trip out
to Oxford or Cambridge, the towns housing perhaps some
of the most famous colleges in the world. It?s like
stepping back in time with the ancient buildings still
in use after hundreds of years.

Many Britons now offer a ?home-stay? type of holiday
where you can stay with a family or perhaps the
holiday swaps where you go to a families home whilst
they come to yours.

This sounds a bit dangerous but there are agencies set
up to monitor this and it is becoming increasingly