Recreational vehicles or RVs are the most popular
camping cars. These cars are like traveling homes.

Various camping cars and trailer towing vans are
aggregated under the same label – RVs.

The recreational vehicles can be used for many
purposes, such as traversing longer distances, camping
or sometimes even as a permanent home.

The largest and most luxurious recreational vehicles
are the Class A Motor homes. The smaller versions are
put under class B campervans. Class C recreational
vehicles are the smaller sized Motor homes.

Other than these, the camping cars are also made up by
combining the van with a trailer. All these
recreational vehicles are designed to provide space
for storage and accommodation place.

A recreational vehicle comprises of a bed, a small
kitchen area, storage space, table and a TV. Larger
recreational vehicles from Class A comprise of a
bathroom, showers, toilets, living room and master

These luxurious high end camping cars also include
refrigerator, satellite TV, internet facility,
awnings, slide out compartments and storage space for
a car, motorbike or bicycle.

The Class A camping cars are truly luxurious vehicles.
These are normally built on a truck or commercial bus
chassis for a larger space.

The recreational vehicles can be parked in a camping
space or in the special RV parks. It is very easy to
carry the RV to a national park, where staying can be
made comfortable with the vehicle.

There is no need to book a room at a hotel while
traveling in a camping car. One can prepare food in
the kitchen, hence no need to find a restaurant on the
way. The RVs also prove to be a good shelter for the