The unhealthy affects of stress can be evidenced in
physical as well as mental and emotional health
problems. Besides heart and digestive problems, stress
can contribute to overall muscle aches, stiffness and
even pain.

Relaxation techniques can help manage the affects of
stress on the body as well as the mind. There are
various techniques one can use to experience a state
of relaxation and calmness, which require little time
or effort on the part of the individual seeking to
benefit from them.

Here is one relaxation technique that many people have
found beneficial in managing the level of stress they

Stair Step Relaxation Technique

Begin with a series of deep, cleansing breaths. Feel
your body relax, as you slowly breath in and out. It
can be helpful to imagine the tension and stress
leaving your body as you exhale, while peace and calm
fill you, as you inhale clean, fresh air.

Once you have done this for a period of two to three
minutes, begin to experience the tension leaving your
muscles, one at a time.

Once you are ready, picture yourself at the top of a
flight of 10 stairs. Take one step down this set of
stairs, and imagine that your body, your mind, and
your spirit feel more relaxed, and more at ease as you
reach this step. Say the number "One" as you descend.

With each succeeding step you can experience a deeper
and deeper state of calm and relaxation. As you
descend upon each step say the corresponding number of
the step you are on.

When you reach 10, which is at the bottom of this set
of steps, you will be entirely calm and relaxed. Any
problems or worries you had will have vanished, and
you will feel totally at peace.

Once you have experienced this state for a moment or
two, you will be ready to come back up the set of
stairs. With each step that you climb, you will become
a little more awake and alert to your surroundings.

Your body and mind will remain at calm and at peace
even after you return to the final step. You will feel
renewed energy, and a renewed sense of purpose and
joy, as you return to the top of the stairs.