In the past, when conferences or meetings were
necessary between two or more people, it was simple to
book an appointment for all parties to congregate at a
given location and time.

As businesses grew, sometimes spreading out to offices
in different cities or towns, this started to become a
little more difficult.

In these days of high speed travel, including
airplanes, the corporate world has encountered many
more problems.

How, for example, do you get the managing director of
one branch of a company to meet with executives of
another branch when each office is on a different
continent? The answer is easy – teleconferencing!

For those of you who are not technically minded this
is a technique which allows three or more people to
have a ?conference? but either through their
telephones or computer and not face-to-face. It is
becoming increasingly popular and has several
advantages over the more traditional meeting.

Imagine the sheer logistics which go into booking
hotels, flights, limousines etc. Now imagine the cost
– plus take into account that everyone has to
co-ordinate their available dates.

With teleconferencing the hardest part is connecting
everyone by phone! Whether it is a three way impromptu
discussion or a larger, more complicated, meeting you
can use an ordinary phone or the whole set-up can be
routed through a conference calling service.

Whichever system, or online arrangement you choose to
use, it is clear that teleconferencing is an
invaluable tool in today?s hectic business world and
is here to stay!