Maternity clothes are probably the biggest money drain
for any pregnant woman. Not only do they have a small
shelf-life (after all, you will use them only for a
few months) they also tend to become old-fashioned in
a jiffy.

So how does someone plan their pregnancy wardrobe
without allowing it to make a big dent in their

Consider borrowing from friends or relatives. Almost
everyone hangs on to their maternity clothes and they
will gladly allow you borrow it for some time.

Plunder your husband or your partner?s closets for
baggy shirts, large-size shorts, and roomy socks.
Frequent yard sales and garage sales where housewives
might be disposing their maternity wear.

Run the clothes through a good dry cleaning service –
you don?t want to catch all the germs, mites, dust,
etc that might have collected on old clothes. Open the
seams of your old clothes – you might be surprised at
how long you can wear your regular clothes when you
are bulging with pregnancy fat if you can make them

Stepping out for a party and you need something more
trendy? Well, consider buying last season?s pregnancy
dresses. Everyone at the party will be busy cooing
over your pregnancy glow to even notice your clothes.

Also, you might be excused because everyone buys
pregnancy dresses well in advance and if you are just
a season behind, well, that?s actually quite sweet.
And anyhow, pregnant mothers are forgiven a lot more
than out-of- fashion pregnancy dresses, so relax!