Show skiing involves a group of trained skiers who
also have to be good athletes and acrobats to perform
and put up a show in front of an audience, paying or
otherwise. The pyramid is a popular performance in
show skiing.

Human pyramids have been formed on land, on galloping
horsebacks, on motorbikes and also by para-jumpers. It
has always been an example of high coordination levels
between performers.

In a water skiing pyramid, skiers form a human pyramid
by standing on one another. While a line of skiers
hold hands and ski parallel to each other, another set
of people come up to the first set and climb on to

The second set of skiers use the shoulder of the first
set as foothold. Then another set of people stand on
the just formed second line. This goes on until one
person is standing on the top.

The level of expertise in skiing, fitness and the
acrobatic skill required to perform the pyramid is
extremely high. The pyramid has been a show that has
enthralled audiences at several places.

Several other stunts are also performed at shows.
Apart from the pyramid, ramp jumps, barefoot skiing,
dancing and various jumps are also performed to
enthrall audiences.

Show skiing is eponymous as it is and purely for the
eye. The glamour of it is great to savor if the
performers are in sync and timing perfect, but the
risks are aplenty and should be done with caution.
It?s a performing art and all the more dangerous as it
involves defying gravity.