Water skiing has its flip side too. It is definitely
not for the weak-hearted. If you cannot stomach water
and getting wet, well stay away from even watching a
skiing show on the TV. Also, those with spectacles
have major trouble skiing.

Wearing contact lenses would mean the risk of losing
them. Whereas, wearing spectacles means water droplets
on the glasses and hazy vision. Drowning is another
real problem facing water skiers.

Water skiing, though a high-adrenaline activity, it
complements health too. It regulates metabolism and
improves immunity. Well, that?s true for almost all
sports. Take for example, probably an adrenaline
junky, Samuelson whose dare-devil innovation has
turned out to be an exciting sport.

His shows led him to be given the honor of the first
water skier by the American Water Ski Association.
What attract people to water skiing are the several
tricks that could be performed by being attached to a
board on water.

For starters, to begin the activity is very simple,
but to prolong you better have the power of

Every sports activity requisites different sets of
skills to cope with the drills and water skiing is no
exception. Certainly, balance plays a vital role in
this activity.

Balance stems from determined concentration and
unwavering focus. And of course, concentration is
achieved only when your heart is in it. First, have
the passion for the sport and then it is only natural
that the other traits would follow. After all, the
mind is where the heart is!