It is becoming increasingly popular, whether by choice
or necessity, for individuals to work over the
internet from their own homes.

This has necessitated a rather unique approach for
these individuals to keep abreast of work schedules
and the like without traveling to far flung places for
conferences or meetings.

Teleconferencing was born out of the need for faster,
more efficient, use of time and resources. Along with
the teleconferencing though came several negative
aspects of working from home.

If video conferencing is not being used, the
participant will not be able to have that face-to-face
kind of meeting whereby a lot can be construed by
something as simple as body language. This could make
it a lot harder to get your point over to just a voice
on the other end of the phone line.

Home-workers can also be distracted whilst joining in
with a conference. If you had a complaining child and
a burst pipe on one hand, and a conference call on the
other, which one takes priority?

But don?t be put off by teleconferencing. There are
many advantages to being able to attend meetings from
your own home office.

No more wasted time waiting in traffic jams or busy
airports. No more nights away from home in faceless
hotel rooms waiting for other delegates who may have
been delayed.

Teleconferencing is an extremely precious tool in
today?s busy world. Used wisely it can bring together
many intelligent, inventive individuals, saving on
costs and increasing productivity.