Teleconferencing Paraphernalia

It may surprise you to know that teleconferencing is
not restricted to the business world. Many individuals
use this as an invaluable tool to communicate thoughts
and ideas over great distances.

It is not too difficult to set up a conference.
Something as simple as a two way telephone system is
relatively cheap. No specialized equipment is
necessary as each individual uses his own phone or
extension to participate in the meeting.

Speaker phones can be used but many people complain of
the ?echo? effect. It also picks up peripheral noises
like the shuffling of papers and tapping of pens on
desktops. It may be necessary to invest in microphone
headsets which would also free the user to move around
mid meeting.

Costs vary according to the complexity of the set-up.
The more locations to be used, the more expensive it
becomes. For example, satellite connections,
television facilities etc., will add significantly to
the cost.

There are specialized companies who will co-ordinate
all purchases of equipment andor services – again
adding to overall cost of the initial set-up.

You can add web conferencing software to your system
to enable you to show presentations and
demonstrations. This will give an overall professional
look and feel to the conference. Be sure to practice
with it before the event – inefficiency is something
you don?t want to portray!

Teleconferencing can be as simple or as elaborate as
you wish to make it. It all depends on your needs or
the needs of your company.

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