The internet has emerged as the largest marketplace
and source for information. It is estimated that about
a million people are being introduced to the internet
every 100 days.

This included emails and search engine services. In
fact, surveys have shown that 80% of all online sales
begin as a search on some major search engine.

It is possible for a business establishment to
advertise, sell and collect payments online without
ever having to meet the customer personally.

Technology has advanced with such a rapid pace in the
past ten years that electronic payments have become
the norm of the day. More than 40% of payments are
transacted electronically through credit and debit
cards, apart from the usual wire transfers and online
payment portals.

One of the emerging payment methods is through mobile
phones. It is fast catching on and experts in the
field feel that this is going to be the preferred
payment method worldwide. Paying through your mobile
handset will be as easy as sending an SMS.

With these advancements and most businesses adapting
their payment procedures and policies to suit
customer?s conveniences, it is only advisable in the
interest of business that any business set up an
online merchant account with a payment processor in
order to cash in on the business that is being
transacted on the Internet.

There are many online merchant solution providers out
there and have established themselves in the field
setting up and maintaining online merchant software
and products that fraud, though exists, is very
difficult to perpetuate.

So get yourself an online merchant account and get a
piece of the action that your competitors will
otherwise get.