One of the most interesting and exciting vacations on
offer today is the safari holiday. Some of these now
have become rather more sophisticated than the tent
and backpack variety and have something to offer even
the most discerning of travelers.

Most visitors to East Africa, for example, choose to
take a few days relaxing – jet-lag gets the best of
most people! – at the beginning and end of their
holiday lying ocean-side in a five star hotel with all
of the comforts you would expect.

Kenya has lots to offer with the superb white sandy
beaches edging the Indian Ocean to its vast national
parks being home to some of the worlds? most exotic
creatures – including the ?big five?.

The great wildebeest migration starts in October with
literally hundreds of thousands of the animals
crossing from Tanzania in the south through Kenya and
back again. People come from all corners of the world
to witness this spectacular event and always leave in
awe at the spectacle.

After the grueling road trip – Kenyan roads are not
the best – its time for the luxury again. Hotel staff
are very courteous and highly trained in customer
care. They have had many years to polish up the
service and it shows!

So if it is great snorkeling, diving courses, or dhow
trips (traditional Arab sailing vessels) you are
after, as they say there ?hakuna matata? – no problem.

Life in Kenya is relatively slow so it?s a great way
to relax and unwind!