WordPress is one of the most popular choices for bloggers and even for online entrepreneurs. WordPress allows bloggers to customize their site according to the needs and functions that they want their site to have. Must have plugins and themes which are available for free or for moderate fee is a great way for bloggers to customize their sites.

Videos to Help Your Business

Videos to Help Your Business

Bloggers are beginning to understand the benefits of customizing their blogs. There are probably hundreds of other blogs in the same niche and a blogger needs to learn how to make their blog different from the others. This will give the blog its personality and eventually lead to more traffic or more sales.

Themes and plugins in WordPress can be available for free or for a moderate amount. There are also some themes that already include certain functions offered by a plugin. For example, the All in One SEO Pack is a very useful plugin for improving page titles, tagging and boosting your page ranking. But there are themes like Thesis which already incorporates this kind of feature in their theme.

You do not have to activate or install numerous plugins, because themes already streamline the work. There are also themes which will best suit the type of post or medium you will use in your blog. There are great themes if you will take advantage of using images and videos.

Premium themes, themes available for a reasonable price, would also include technical support. For WordPress beginners and those new in blogging, this is a great relief especially when blog issues arise.

Some of the most useful plugins for your WordPress blog includes:

  •  Akismet. Activating this plugin can block spam comments.
  •  All in One SEO. This is a great plugin which make search engine optimization easy through generating unique titles, tagging, and keywords for the blog entry or post.
  •  Google XML Sitemap. This will help your blog to be indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The faster your site gets indexed, the more traffic your site will generate.
  •  GTranslate. If you are targeting a wider audience by using another language, then this plugin will be very useful since it automatically translates your webpage to any of the 58 languages.
  •  WordPress Data Backup. A very important plugin for creating a backup of your database.
  • WordPress Mobile Edition is another plugin which automatically detects site visitors that use mobile phones or devices. The settings on the page are then customized for the website viewer. The good thing is that there are also themes with responsive layout that will easily adjust to the viewer without any installed plugin.

When choosing themes, you can consider magazine style, simple layout, double or triple column layout, or depending on what kind of blog posts or medium you will be using. There are also themes which are great if you are featuring products or services, and themes great for news and articles. Choosing the best theme for your blog will depend on the content and purpose of your blog, and not only because it was productive for other bloggers.