The field of customer service is not an easy field to work in. It requires patience, professionalism, and at times, nerves of steel. A customer service representative must be able to keep their cool at all times no matter how much a customer provokes them.

The job of a customer service representative is often taken for granted and thought of as a job that ?anyone can do.?However, nothing could be further from the truth. A successful Customer Service Representative must have some very specific qualities that not everyone possesses.

It is up to a company to scout out, train, and retain the best customer service representatives they can find. It?s important to remember that customers are not afraid to take their business elsewhere and recount their negative experiences to others. This creates a bad reputation for the company and can be easily avoided by hiring quality customer service reps.

Always remember that respect is a two-way street. If your customer service representatives are respectful to you and the company, it is only fair and moral that you provide the same respect in return. Failure to provide a customer service rep with the respect they are due leads to a high turnover rate, a common problem facing today?s customer service field. Keeping this in mind, your company should be successful at hiring and maintaining the very best customer service reps in the industry.

Your customer service supervisors should be on the floor at all times, helping, coaching, and mentoring customer service reps in order to better job performance. It is much easier to catch and correct a problem before the problem has been re -enforced through repetition.

The supervisor should build a relationship with every customer service rep. This can be as simple as saying "Good morning" and "Have a good night".

Acknowledging even the little things that a customer service rep does correctly can also help to build the reps confidence level resulting in better job performance. People love to be praised so a "I love the way you greet customers" can go a long way in building a reps' pride and confidence.

Let your customer service reps know you appreciate them by participating in customer service week which is held globally every October.

During this special week your company should strive to:

? Boost morale, motivation and teamwork among your customer service reps.

? Reward your frontline customer service reps.

? Raise your company's awareness of the importance of customer service.

? Thank other departments for their support.

? Let customers know about your commitment to customer satisfaction.

In return, your customer service rep will feel appreciated which may result in better job performance and job satisfaction.