As many of you may know, I am one of the Civil moderators for the AUGI (AutoDESK Users Group International) Forums.

Last Dec. 2010, AUGI switched it’s forum to test a new format (which was loudly voted DOWN by the members) and as a result, they have reverted back to the old favorite platform vBulletin.

While AUGI will be keeping the new platform in place, just NOT for the Forums, they have opened the doors to the vBulletin Forums as of this morning (Mon Jan. 10, 2011). ALL of the past posts are back and any of the posts that were submitted into the ‘Testing Ground’ will be migrated to the New vB forums in the coming days (May take up to ten days) so all of the info has been restored and the new look of an Old Friend may catch some off guard. But rest assured, the vBulletin Forums are back and growing strong.

There is one thing that you will need to do if you are an existing AUGI member. In order to access the new forums, you will need to go to http://augi.com to login. Using this approach will provide you with a quick overview of everything that is happening with AUGI and allow you to see the new features and services being offered.