We all have that image of Las Vegas where on every
corner there is a casino with bigger and better
attractions than the last one, but take another look
and you may be surprised at what you find.

Red Rock Canyon, one hour drive from Las Vegas, has a
13 mile scenic adventure where every bend in the road
rewards you with yet another superb vista – great
photographic opportunities here.

If you want something a little more strenuous then you
could park the car and hike through this incredibly
beautiful countryside.

Or what about taking a day trip to Hoover Dam and take
in Lake Mead at the same time? The lake boasts many
water activities including paddle steamers and

If it is water that you are interested in but you want
a bit more of the ?white knuckle? kind of adventure,
then check out the Colorado River. You can river raft
down this mighty waterway – but perhaps the organized
tour would be safer since equipment and instructions
are provided.

Of course there is also the ubiquitous helicopter ride
– another heart stopping experience – over the mighty
Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

All of the places mentioned are within driving
distance of Las Vegas whether it be under your own
steam or on an organized tour.

Whichever combination of sites you choose to visit,
you will truly be astonished at the array of
?adventures? available and all from that place where
you thought gambling was the only thing Las Vegas had
to offer!