Perhaps one of the most diverse areas of the United
States is the region containing Idaho, South Dakota,
Montana and Wyoming.

This surely must offer the widest range of parks,
rodeos, adventure holidays, skiing holidays and river
rafting adventures etc. There is more to see, do and
get involved in, than possibly any other part of the

Mount Rushmore is situated here – imagine how many
people must have seen this monument – along with the
famous Little Big Horn battle ground.

Its not all camping trips and trekking here though.
Five star resorts with gourmet meals and fine wine
abound and cater for the discerning palates amongst
us. Did you know that there is a falls higher than the
more famous Niagara Falls? Or a canyon deeper than the
Grand Canyon? Surprisingly both can be found here.

There is a lot for children to do too. Imagine
teaching them how to light and cook over open
camp-fires. Teaching them to fish for their supper!
Hiking up trails instead of sitting in front of the
T.V. – a somewhat ?old-fashioned? way of reconnecting
as a family.

There is much on offer here and it would seem to give
the traveler something a little different. The chance
to be at one with nature and see the natural wonders
of the world.

So if it?s wide open spaces with big skies that you
are looking for – this is the place. But be warned,
once you have experienced this magnificent place, you
may not want to leave!