Customer relationship management is a strategy
focusing on the customer making their experience
excellent with the business.

The customer facing operations aspect of CRM is vital
because these are the individuals the customers have
direct contact with.

People can be the customer facing operations portion
and provide the experience the company desires when
they work in positions as customer service, sales, or
any position that has direct contact with.

When you have direct contact with a customer and you
are polite and courteous then you are creating a good
experience for them and it makes them want to come
back. This includes answering any questions the
customer might have and if you don?t know the answer
then finding someone who does.

When you are rude or discourteous to a customer then
you are creating a bad experience and potentially
losing a customer for life.

Computer systems and other forms of technology might
be the responsible for CRM also. This might include
data terminals in a book store you use to look up
books, public computers at a library, or the wireless
access you would like to use in your bedroom.

If the equipment you offer to a customer for use
doesn?t work then this too is creating a bad
experience which may also cause you to lose a
customer. Especially, if you offer wireless Internet
in a hotel room and it is not working.

This is because many people will stay at your hotel
because they need to be able to get work done while
they are traveling. You will lose them as a customer
if your equipment isn?t functional.

CRM is a strategy that focuses on every aspect of the
business to create an outstanding experience for your

The customer facing operations is the portion of the
business that has the most contact with the customer.