Simply put, back-end marketing is the only way to do
business. If you?re not doing a whole lot of it now, there?s
a good chance that your business model is leaving a lot of
money on the table unnecessarily. And there is also a good
chance that you have several competitors who know better?who
will snap that money up?and who will ultimately put you out
of business if you don?t change? and fast.

So why is back-end marketing so important? I sat down and
thought about it. I came up with dozens of different
reasons, but I?ve limited this article to only four of the
more important reasons. Next time you question whether or
not you should use back-end marketing, look no further than
this list?

1. In virtually all situations, it is far cheaper to sell a
second product to an existing customer than it is to find a
new customer. Some marketers estimate that it is 10 times
cheaper. Even if it isn?t that much cheaper for you, it is
still probably considerably cheaper. So do yourself a favor
and switch your marketing efforts to your existing
customers. It will significantly cut the costs of your
marketing efforts.

2. Your existing customers will be willing to pay more than
will complete strangers. This is because existing customers
have purchased your products and have used them. They now
know that you are a legitimate Internet marketer who has
something useful to them. Other people do not know this. And
that is precisely why you should attempt to sell your
higher-end products to your existing customers, rather than
people you do not know: they will resist less and this will
result in a higher conversion rate.

3. Believe it or not, offering back-end products that are
actually useful complements to your existing products will
get your current customers to trust you. Rather than making
you appear to be a scam artist, useful and reasonably-priced
upsales will demonstrate that you are committed to providing
your customer base with all of the information they need in
order to be successful marketers.

4. Offering a large discount through a ?back-end? sale gives
you an excellent means through which you can re-activate
?inactive? customers. You may not realize this now, but
inactive customers are some of your best prospects. While
they are not currently following your product releases, they
have purchased from you in the past?and they may be a single
email away from purchasing from you again in the future.

And there you have it: four concrete reasons why you should
use more back-end marketing. If you didn?t know these before
you read the article, you have probably quickly identified
them as good reasons for using back-end marketing.

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