When it comes to choosing indoor plants there is no
dearth of the variety you can select from. We will
list some of the plants that can liven up your indoors
and are easy to maintain.

It will pay, however, to keep in mind that any type of
plant needs sunlight and will sooner or later begin to
tilt toward the source of light. This will make them
grow at an awkward angle and so you will need to
rotate the direction so that the plant will grow
straight up.

Some of the popular indoor plants include:

African Violets: These small potted plants are easy to
grow and adapt well to the indoors. These plants
blossom for about three weeks, however they need a lot
of sunshine, so keep them on a windowsill.

However, avoid the heat of the sun or they will
wither. These plants also need special fertilizer made
especially for them. All green house stores keep a
supply of it.

Begonias: You will find three kinds of Begonias;
Tuberous, Perennial and Semperflorens. The most common
of the Begonias are the Semperflorens and come in ever
blooming and wax finishes.

Begonias are available in red, pink, yellow and white
varieties and all have a very attractive yellow

Ivy: This variety of indoor climber makes for a very
attractive indoor plant. Though this plant can survive
for quite some time in a dark cornet of a room it will
soon begin to demand its share of sunlight.

So if you plan to have this plant among your
collectionb it is best to choose a place near a source
of sunlight. Remember to add enough water to your ivy
to make the water drip out of the bottom of the pot.
Too little water will stunt the plant.

Some of the other popular plants are Cactus, Coleus,
Amaryllis, Geraniums, Paper Whites, Poinsettia and a
variety of rubber plants.