If you are stuck at a desk all day you may find you
are more prone to getting tired, having stiff achy
muscles and many complain of sore backs, hips,
shoulders and so forth.

Knowing what you can do to help yourself is helpful.
Here are some tips sitting properly at your desk;

1. Both feet should be flat on the floor. This
prevents the front of the seat pressing into the backs
of the thighs and impeding the circulation to the
feet. In this position, the body weight is evenly
distributed over the thighs and the buttocks.

2. Correct seat depth. There is room for a clenched
fist between the back of the knee and the edge of the
seat, and the back is against the backrest.

3. The backrest provides lumbar support, (lower back.)
When a person is sitting on a horizontal seat, the
lumbar region tends to adopt a rounded curve, imposing
a twisted or uneven load on discs. A correctly
adjusted lumbar support will maintain the natural
curvature of the back.

4. The armrests should be adjusted to provide support
that relieves unnecessary tension in the neck and
shoulders. The arms may be supported by the armrests,
the desk top or both.

5. Adjust the height of the desk so that the
forearms/wrists can rest on the desk top.

Knowing that you can prevent much of your discomfort
it beneficial; if your workplace does not have proper
chairs, you may need to address it to the health and
safety committee. It?s in everyone?s best interest to
make sure you are comfortable at your desk.