If you have been looking for a plant that has an
incredible fragrance, then you have found it in the
gardenia. For those blessed with a green thumb, your
gardenias will be things of beauty with their white
scented blooms.

This plant thrives in tropical climates. So if you
live in a tropical climate, gardenias should be

In order to choose a nice gardenia, look for a compact
plant and one that is full of glossy foliage. The
leaves should have a rich, bright green color.

The gardenia needs a lot of light. You should see that
the gardenia does not get direct afternoon sun as that
is usually the hottest part of the summer.

The gardenia needs an even amount of moisture. They
react to the water?s quality and temperature. They
like room temperature distilled water the best. When
the gardenia isn?t blooming, it should be kept a
little drier.

These plants bloom the best when the days are warm and
the nights are cool. Gardenias are usually tolerant of
different variations in temperatures, particularly if
it is humid. In order to perform at their very best,
gardenias need a climate that has high humidity.

It is best to use a water-soluble fertilizer on
gardenias every two to three weeks. Several times
during the year, you may use an acid fertilizer.

Once you have smelled the gardenia, you will become
hooked! Follow the above tips and you will more than
likely be able to grow beautiful gardenias both
outside and inside of your home.