The fence sitters are those who are yet to get a
trading account, but extremely interested in moving in
and making money. They love the way the people are
minting money and wait for their turn.

They are too cautious to even make a move to start.
They read all the magazines and watch every channel
that has stocks scrolling down and still wait for the
right moment.

They applaud every landmark the stocks cross and
converse with their like-minded fence sitters how well
the stocks are doing and wondering where it will end
up. If you query when they would take the plunge then
there will be a sheepish "anytime soon" response for

There are fence sitters in people who have started off
trading too. These are the people who would buy
stocks, but are petrified to sell them or buy anything

They just sit and wait for things to happen. It?s like
stepping inside a pool and still being reluctant to
swim. They act as a bad influence too; to camouflage
their reluctance they spread rumors of "doomsday"
theory all around in turn making the prospective
fellow trader vulnerable to any transaction or trade.

They expect their friends around them to take the
plunge and measure their success to understand the
risks. "The one who takes the lead would be the first
person to face the hurdle", goes the adage. There are
no free lunches. Quit being a fence sitter and jump in
if you have the will to win.