More often than not, the toughest part about a task is
getting started. That especially rings true in online
stock trading. You would have read the success
stories, heard "hey, there is money to make" chatter
from your friends, and of course, the television

You would have been determined to start the very
moment, but alas it?s like hitting a gym. Yes. You
happen to start early one fine day with the adrenaline
rush and then, everyday is not the same. Those six
pack abs start to look like a distant dream. It?s easy
to throw in the towel and go instead for a six pack of

This is a business and not a treasure hunt. If you
want to get rich in a day, this is not for you. Trade
with caution, make mistakes, learn from them, and grow
successful. Just not the stocks, it works in every
walk of life.

Determination is the key and commitment should be the
motto. To sit in front of your computer for hours
doesn?t make you a great trader, but to dabble with
the stocks, start reading. There are innumerable books
from where you can source the knowledge from and of
course, there is the World Wide Web.

There are 24 hour news channels that feed you
information like no other. There are experts that
adorn the screen who talk about anything and
everything about stocks. Pick up the nuances of stock
trading from these experts, gain the knowledge from
the books, and trust your gut. Remember, intuition and
cold logic are the attributes that makes a successful
stock trader.