When you have decided to jump aboard, sit down and
take stock of your finances. Don?t go by the myth: the
more you invest the more you reap. It?s no fixed

Invest the money you can live without and don?t invest
the sum you can?t live without. That would be a
disaster. Identify the strong stocks, invest on them
and play safe. Of course, that is until you understand
the market.

Don?t invest all your money on one or two stocks that
looks like a winner. Sure, the possibility of hitting
jackpot is higher, but look at the downside, if the
handpicked stocks of yours fail then you lose

It?s always wise to distribute your investment on a
set of stocks that you believe has the strength to
stay stable and expect no dramatic downturns.

There is no short cut to success. You have to go
through the grind. Equal distribution of the
investment sum would pay rich dividends.

Importantly, invest money from your savings and never
go for a debt sum to see you through the fortune
market. Be prepared! Even though stock trading sounds
more of a gamble than a chore, it has the quality to
make you reach the pinnacle or pull you down the

It?s a common trend that when a stock suddenly shows
life and moves in the fast lane everybody would like
to be on board. It?s a mistake if you short sell the
other stocks and move on to this promising train.

Law of gravity, everything that has gone up bounds to
come down and if you have a considerable investment
riding on it, your fortunes come down with a thud.