Dabbling with stocks is a roller coater ride. When
fortunes change by the minute and at times seconds, it
bounds to be an exciting, but nerve racking
experience. The speed is pure madness, but make sure
you find a method to madness.

You know the risk, but you should love the fun. If you
are here as a purist who just looks at the money part
then it would get to you sooner or later.

Don?t be a feeble heart one, but one who could take
rough with the smooth. This is really important
because stock markets tend to correct at huge numbers
either high up or bottom down. Be ready for the jolt
and never lose heart.

There definitely is a stroke of luck factor with stock
trading. Of course, fortune favors the brave. If you
are brave enough to bet high then you should be gutsy
enough to take it when things go awry.

When you see a few good stocks, don?t bet every
investment on it in order to make a killing. The
opposite is also true.

Just don?t put money towards all the small and sundry
stocks expecting a steady return. There should be a
balance and for that you should avoid excitement
clouding your judgment.

Never give in to the adrenaline rush and trade almost
daily. It is not advisable. Study and research the
stocks and then take the call. Don?t trade for the
sake of it. Never did a stock go rot lying idle for a