Markets of today are fast-moving. You can not only
make money but also lose money in a jiffy if you don?t
go by the market trends and tendencies.

Assess the risk of your investment well, prior to
investing money. Risk management is not the usual
territory of the youth, but it serves as a speed
breaker and limits your loss.

The first person to convince before going into high
gear is you yourself. If you are unsure of what you
are getting into, then it would turn a damp squib.

Groundwork is a must for any new venture and stock
markets are no different. To win the game, you should
play by the rules and for that you should know the

Once you are aware of the market tendencies, you can
start trading as an independent investor. However, an
investor should keep a few things in mind before
plunging into trading stocks:

*Equip yourself against the odds an investor is likely
to face while trading stocks online.

*You should be able to study, assess and analyze the
past & present and should be able to forebode the
future of the companies stocks you are investing on.

*Don?t be taken in by the market rates. Set your own
limits for buying and selling stocks; so that, you can
sell your shares for the price you want to and thus,
need not suffer any loss.

To cut a long story short, seeking advice from
friends, tips from the experts, and ideas from well
wishers is fine, but let the final decision be yours.
If your decision turns out right, nothing like it, but
if goes wrong, there is something to learn from it and
move on.

Invest wisely and trade your stocks online now!