Attached to a board and being pulled at high speed by
a boat along water body might not be too appealing to
many, but those who swear by the fun that water skiing
brings on are several.

The added attraction is the possibility of being able
to perform various tricks and stunts while being
pulled by a boat.

The speed of the boat ensures that the skier is afloat
while at the same time gives the person the ability to
jump, stand on one leg, or do other such things. A
popular trick is using the hands to stand on the

A skier uses his legs to hook onto the rope that is
attached to the boat. Using palms, he stands
upside-down and allows himself to be dragged. There
are several other forms of tricks, the most common one
being standing on one leg.

This is what most first-timers would try to do as soon
as they think they have got a hang of the activity.
Often, it ends up in humorous situations.

Jumping over a ramp is also an eminently enjoyable
trick. A skier is pulled onto a ramp that is kept at
an angle to the water body. The ramp, facing the sky,
gives the skier the elevation required to be suspended
in the air for a few seconds.

Before splashing down, the skier can do some stunts
like somersault or twists and often draw huge response
from an audience. Show skiing is another captivating
and delightful activity.