Use JVManager to control Customer records

JV Manager is the best solution to your online business
needs. It allows you to group your products and implement
packages with either product that is grouped with them. You
can receive payments through various credit card
processors. You can give immediate access to people who
have paid for your packages. You can take orders via,,,,

As time goes by, more and more gateways will be adjoined.
JVManager automatically dispenses your subscriptions and
merchandise. You can distribute your products in an instant
no matter what payment system they have chosen. The
customers will read your instructions on how to download
their purchases or to activate their memberships
immediately after they have ordered.

You can protect your online business and assets. JV Manager
does it by hiding the real and actual URL of the links. And
the good thing is that you can set the expiration of those
links as you wish. And when it comes to sales management,
JV Manager helps you in making more sales. You can keep the
documents and records for all of the sales and purchases as
well as the products involved in the transaction. As a
result, you can easily search and display all the products
and sales instantly. You can organize the records through
various criteria and measurements, from the period and time
of purchase to the product title to the affiliate.

With JV Manager, you can know and see the customers
included in the top ten as well as the top affiliates.
Through the membership manager, you can control the
subscriptions and you can put the recurring sales into
play. You can now create a membership site that answers all
your needs. All you have to do is classify and characterize
the directory you want to look after as well as the period
and extent of each membership in that directory. As a
result, JV Manager will routinely lock and secure that
locale for the specified time and duration you have defined
and set the customer who ordered that subscription.

Moreover, it will issue random passwords to your clients
and customers. And it will be sent to them via email and
they can be allowed to access the web site for as long as
they are in the list of paying subscribers. Furthermore,
you can choose to stop the expiration of memberships by
instantly clicking a link. The Refund Manager plays a vital
role in the JV Management System. Every product you choose
to add in your package has a corresponding guarantee
period. And you can denote these purchases as refunded for
your record purposes.

According to many, JV Manager is by far the best affiliate
answer that there is on the Net today. You can choose to
include or exclude in your affiliate line all of your
packages or some of them as you wish. Moreover, you can
allocate a parcel that can be offered to definite affiliate
groups and clusters. You can also present and proffer an
individual homepage for every package. And furthermore,
these separate pages can exist on various and diverse
servers. It performs and works with all goods except links
and memberships.

However, when you want to produce unlimited memberships, it
must exist inside the JV Manager server. With JV Manager,
you can incorporate any of your products into your
associate programs regardless of its location and setting.
The affiliate program works with all the payment entrances.
It also works with subscriptions through,, and many others.

Moreover, you can deal with charges and payments per
percentage or by flat amounts. You can present and bid
commissions by simply clicking links. Through this, your
associates can join and link to either the homepage of a
product or simply to the order link of the package you want
them to endorse. Moreover, paying your affiliates is made
easy by JV Manager. It generates a one-time payment for
each of your affiliates. You can pay them through or other card processors.

It is said that mass payment will be made available very
soon. In addition, you can recompense your affiliates for
passing on the information to their sub-affiliates. There
is a corresponding commission which is given to the

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