Website online marketing is now growing fast. But only a
few owners or developers manage to make sales. There are
only a few who are able to get profitable returns on their

What should you do to increase your visitors and customers
in order to have more sales and profits?

Internet success is a fine balance of Web Design and search
engine promotion. Through these together with comprehensive
traffic analysis and study of visitor demographics, it will
provide very useful marketing data for an organization.
Increasing traffic to your site takes time, knowledge,
effort, and effective marketing strategies to increase the
visibility and awareness of your website offerings.

But how will you bring traffic to your website and turn
them into lifelong customers?

Basically, if you want to build, develop, or promote your
website and sell on the Net, first, you must decide on what
you want to offer and sell on the Net. Secondly, build and
develop a website. And lastly, write high info-value
keyword focused content that ranks well with the search

But one of the limitations of the Internet is that its
accessibility is still expensive and or inconvenient. In
reality, many potential customers live offline. Now, there
are many ways to drive traffic to your website using
offline resources.

One of the most influential offline resources is the media,
such as television advertising. Advertise your website
features and offerings in television commercials so that
people will be encouraged to visit your site. You can also
place an ad in suitable offline magazines and add some
lines that will make the reader visit your site. And of
course, don?t forget to place your website address in the
ad. You can also place an ad in classified ads, as well as
in radio announcements.

Other offline resources include stationery, fliers,
brochures, and notebooks. Include your Web address on all
your business stationery, especially your business cards
and letterhead. Also, a simple flier announcing a special
offer and displaying your URL can be put together. You can
give these out at community events, concerts, and other
business activities.

A well-prepared brochure is a convenient tool for
presenting an overview of your business and highlighting
your product or service benefits. They can be handed out or
mailed in response to requests for more information.
Placing your web features and web address in notebooks can
also bring more visitors to your website, especially
students and customers.

Offline resources such as Community Boards, Newsletters,
Card Exchanges, and Bulletins can also pull in visitors and
turn them into customers, which will lead to more sales
from your website.

Most Community Boards, supermarkets, diners, restaurants,
laundromats, bookstores, and local businesses have a
section on their premises where you may place your business
cards, fliers, brochures, and announcements. These
potential offline customers may be interested in visiting
your site to get more information and details, which can
lead to more traffic to your site.

Other offline resources are Press Releases, Answering
Machines, and Promotional Items. Program your answering
machine message to mention a new product or special
discount and invite the caller to visit your Website for
more information.

The familiar and ubiquitous promotional coffee mug, key
chain, pen, magnet, calendar, tee shirt, and baseball cap
are excellent items to display your company logo or Web

You can sponsor an event for a community organization or
little league club and give these items away. Your business
will always be associated with the event. Associated with
this event, people will be interested in visiting your site
and taking advantage of your promotion, which in turn,
leads them to becoming your customers.

And the most cost effective and powerful way to let people
know about your Web business is by Word-of-Mouth. It may
also be the most under-utilized, which is ironic, since the
majority of your site’s content is made up of words anyway.
Use every opportunity to talk about your Website to friends
and family.

Make it a point everyday to tell six strangers about your
business. The impact of this publicity will astound you.

With these offline resources and some marketing strategy,
your website will surely be the most visited and top-ranked
seller of all sites.