Back-end marketing is the ultimate way to generate revenue for your Internet-based business. It allows you to focus all of your time and energy on people you know and people who have already purchased products from you, rather than on people who do not know you and who may never be interested in your products.

In short, using back-end marketing will enable you to dramatically increase your conversion rates; and it will simultaneously enable you to sell higher-priced products to your clientele, since they will understand that spending a lot of money on your products isn?t a gamble.

Now, back-end marketing is the ultimate form of Internet marketing. But what is the ultimate form of back-end marketing? Personal coaching and live events. Yes, that?s right: if you want to make money hand over fist, you have to be willing to coach others and ensure they get results; and you also have to be willing to stand before crowds, present your techniques, pitch your products, and accept any scrutiny that comes your way.
Personal Coaching

When you first got in the Internet marketing ?business,? you probably had three goals: 1) to increase your income; 2) to get away from the hassle of dealing with your boss and with customers; and 3) to get out of an office and relocate to your comfortable home.

Unfortunately, I have bad news for you: goal 1 and goals 2 and 3 are in direct conflict. If you really want to earn a large income on the Internet, you must be willing to interact with other people. Not only must you be willing to find and talk to join venture partners, but you also must be willing to take on personal coaching projects, which tend to be more lucrative than selling electronic products via salesletter.

If you want to get into the personal coaching business, you should start by cultivating a handful of clients. If you do not feel as if you currently qualify as a ?guru,? then you may want to focus your marketing efforts on your newbies. In particular, select the buying cohort that tends to purchase low-level products and offer to give them one-on-one or small-group coaching sessions. You can do this through a teleconference, through email, or via instant message. It doesn?t matter which medium you select?just make sure that you provide useful and timely information.

Live Events

Just like personal coaching, live events will probably push you well outside of your Internet marketing ?comfort zone.? You will actually have to interact with human beings and your products might come under severe scrutiny from undecided buyers.

Don?t despair. While live events may be uncomfortable and may throw a wrench in your routine, they also offer the promise of far greater wealth generation than selling electronic products. So do yourself a favor: next time a live event comes up and there are multiple speakers, volunteer to be one of the speakers if you get the chance. Additionally, consider going to live events and setting up joint ventures with the marketers there, so you all can hold a live event for your own frequent buyers.


Personal coaching and live events are two excellent ways to generate revenue through back-end marketing. Next time you get the chance to do either, take it?and make an attempt to involve the sub-section of your customer base that will be most interested and most likely to buy. If you want to learn more about coaching, live events, and other forms of back-end marketing, please be sure to check out my free 7-day course at http://www.yourwebsite.com.