Watch Out For These Indoor Plant Insects

There are a few insects that infect a plant that grows
indoors. When the symptoms of these infestations
become known you should take immediate remedial action
because failure to do so will allow the infestation to
spread to the other plants and lead to complete
destruction in short time.

The most common plant pest is the spider mites. These
are a very serious problem for plants as they multiply
very fast, lead to defoliate and kill the plant.

These mites belong to the family of ticks and spiders.
Spider mites are yellow or green in color and cannot
be seen easily. To check for presence of spider mites
tap the leaf over a piece of white paper and check for
very tiny movements on the paper. Remove them with an
insecticide spray from your plant store.

Shell Insects appear like a small bump of wax on a
stem or leaf. It is usually not possible to view these
creatures without magnification, but when their
numbers increase they make their presence known.

Shell insects stunt a plants growth and can even kill
the plant in time. The only known solution is an
insecticide spray.

Mealy Bugs are easily visible without having to
magnify the pest. These insects look like they have
come out of a sack of flour and have a long waxy
protrusion from their tails.

These appear like small clusters of cotton on the
plant. Check the under side of the leaves to notice
these pests and when you do find them wash them off
with water and spray with insecticide for plants. A
couple of weeks of treatment and you will be rid of
these pests.

Pests not only kill a plant in time, they are also
very unsightly. A beautiful plant will become ugly and
the whole purpose of decorating the place is defeated
by plant pests.

Proper cleaning and regular spraying with insecticide
will help prevent any kind of pest infection.

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