Water skiing is an extremely popular sport and
recreation activity. It involves attaching a board to
the feet and being pulled along the water?s surface by
a boat.

The skier, as the person performing the activity is
known, holds onto the end of a rope, which is fastened
to the boat. As the boat pulls the skier, he or she,
then in water with a board attached to the feet, tries
to stand on the water?s surface.

Expert skiers are also known to ski barefoot. The most
difficult part of water skiing is probably trying to
find and maintain the balance on the water. Several
people have been hurt while trying to learn the
nuances of the activity.

Nevertheless, it continues to be an extremely popular
form of activity in most beaches, especially those
promoting itself as tourism hotspots.

The activity is also performed in rivers and lakes.
The activity is known to have originated in Wisconsin,
USA. Ralph Samuelson, who is considered to be the
pioneer of water skiing, was the person who had tried
several tricks and came out with variations to the
ordinary method of just being pulled along the water.

A wannabe skier should practice on land before taking
to the water. The person can try to maintain balance
by standing on the toes. The first requirement is of
course the presence of a water body and a boat.

It is advisable to start skiing with two skies,
instead of one. This exciting sport can be a dangerous
one too; therefore, necessary caution is advised
before you take the plunge, literally!