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MKW offers a full suite of tools and services to ensure your online business is presented accurately, positively and professionally. 

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fluid strategy. The three primary segments of SEO are listed below.

Search Engine Optimization

Many times, this is all you get from SEO companies. They will add some Keywords, a few image Tags and submit your website link to a couple aggregator sites and say they have done all they can. For us, this is just the starting point.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization includes making sure your selected Keywords are embedded strategically throughout your content. This includes Image Tags, “long-tail” keywords (short phrases using your selected keywords), and optimized readability.

On Page Optimization

Our on page optimization includes page specific schemas, image tags and meta data generation for each and every page on your website. This is where we make your website outshine your competitors resulting in higher rankings, more traffic and leads, prospects and sales.

SEO Consulting

Spend 30 minutes with our specialist and you will have a complete strategy and plan of action to improve your website, your search engine rankings and your bottom line.

Data Analysis

We walk you through what counts regarding SEO, Content and Meta data. We also analyze your potential traffic sources and help you define what your eventual long term goals are and how to achieve them.

SEO Strategy

Our specialists will define a complete strategy and outline the exact steps, processes and procedures to obtain your SEO goals in the shortest time possible.

SEO Ranking

-Our Strong Points

Your business depends on us doing the best that we can and we take that responsibility seriously. Our goal is to make sure we get your goals defined and obtained, in the shortest amount of time possible. This includes a deep analysis of your current website and online ‘footprint’, complete and in-depth consultation defining your goals, needs and targets, on-page and offpage/offsite SEO and Citation development.

  • Data Analysis
  • Business Consultation
  • Off Page SEO
  • On Page SEO


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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

When it comes to SEO, it takes a team with in-depth knowledge, understanding and implementation of solid SEO practices. Be wary of companies that promise an “Immediate increase” of rankings. Many times they will use terms and phrasings that are not widely used to be able to show you ranking in the top three spots. What good is the top spot if it is for something that nobody uses to find your business?

When we build a schema for your page, it makes it easier for not just Google, Bing and Yahoo to find your info, our schemas are optimized for all major search engines and aggregator pages.

Too many companies forget that some people have difficulties reading small print or fancy typography, we have tools that will allow you to keep your website the way you want it and still be able to provide access to the content in ways that are American Disabilities Act compliant so your visitors can enjoy your website in the way they need to see or hear it in the best format for them.

Our Latest Projects

Our project list is constantly being updated with new clients. We provide a variety of formats, website and webpage types and the powerful SEO to drive them into the top of the major Search Engines consistently.

Design Agency

A Design Agency is one of the easiest type of businesses to rank well for locally. When moving into the global market, it takes a bit longer, but the results are still outstanding.

Corporate Landing

Corporate Landing Pages are designed for one primary purpose. To let people know what you do and how to connect and engage with your company.

Non-Profit Website

We also do Non-Profit sites at heavily discounted rates. We understand that funds are tight and need to stretch as far as possible and many times we donate much of our services.

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO Expert is a team that understands the fluctuating nuances of the major Search Engines. The algorithms change quite often and a Solid Expert needs to stay abreast of the changes and implementation to ensure what worked yesterday and doesn’t today is modified to meet or exceed the current requirements.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Search Engine optimization helps your business in a myriad of ways. It Increases traffic to your website and your physical store, helps develop the trust factor between your prospect and your company, and helps ensure your prospects can find your website listed on the major search engines (preferably on the first page).

Why Can’t I Do My Own SEO?

Actually, you can do your own SEO. You simply need to spend a few hours each month reviewing what the major search engines allow and don’t allow, learn what a schema is and how to build one and then apply it to each page on your website and finally, how to manage the multiple citation pages (like Yelp, GoogleMyBusiness and over 70 others) to make sure your business is listed correctly.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Doing the actual work of SEO can be done in a few weeks. At least the initial implementation. Then it is a matter of weekly reviews and optimization of various items (keywords, content, schemas, citation sites) to maximize the effectiveness of the program.. To actually start to see solid results may take the search engines three to six months before they start to move you up in the results. 

Why Does it Take So Long to See Results?

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo want to make sure they provide their customers (the general public using the search engine) the most up to date, trusted, valid and actionable information they can. And they are very good at filtering out the websites that tend to play ‘games’ with SEO like keyword stuffing and other “Blackhat” or even “GreyHat’ techniques to temporarily push a site up in the ratings, only to find three months from now your site is nowhere to be found. That is because you have violated one of their terms and are now only listed in the ‘sandbox’ and it can take years to recover completely.

Let's Work Together!

Our focus is building a more robust and proactive approach to Social Engagement and Search Engine Optimization. We provide the tools and training to track and respond to your clients in Real time and via Email and SMS.


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